The Amora Bali Resto Kintamani

The Amora Bali Resto KintamaniClaimed

A Resto With Mount Batur View


Indulge yourself with a delightful meal and breathtaking scenery at the Amora Kintamani Resto. The terrace has views over Mount Batur and lake Batur. Experience a natural culinary experience with the elegant foods and calming atmosphere. Drop to north Bali and relish the delicious dishes with affordable price at Amora Kintamani! Furthermore, Amora Kintamani would serve you various delightful dishes from appetizers, soup, main course, sambal, and dessert. Enjoy your special holiday with the all-you-can-eat buffet and the wonderful scenic view. The menus at Amora Bali Kintamani offers are dictated by the local farmer. Dining at Amora Kintamani Resto has befitted this romantic hideaway you will find it irresistible.