Bali Jeep Tour, Cycling, Trekking By Gunggung Adventure

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Salak Agro Jeep Tour, Cycling, Trekking in Bali!


Bali’s culture and nature adventure activities. Nature and culture adventure activities with a local base tourism concept in the east of Bali island. Located in the largest salak plantation area at Sibetan Village, Bebandem, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia. A local community base tourism adventure acitivities concept, which is supported by locals peoples, natural beauty, cultural uniqueness and combined with kinds of adventure activities such as classic 4WD car adventures, mountain biking, trekking, campfire – camping programs, cooking classes, nature education trips and experience staying at a local guest house.

Our special packages :

Salak Agro Jeep Village Trail

Ride a classic 4WD car to explore the beauty and uniqueness of Bali. Nature and culture adventure package to see the verdant valley from one of the highest hill in the east of Bali. Passing through the rural area, get in touch with the local and pick up the accent of the nature. Explore, harvesting and taste the salak fruit at the largest plantation in Bali. Visiting the local to see the traditional making wine process and enjoy a coffee break.

Salak Agro Jeep Sunrise

Discovery amazing sunrise view points in Bali. Without climbing, just sit down on the classic 4WD car to the hill top (approximately 1.200m above sea level). When the weather are clear, enjoy the beautiful sunrise view of the eastern edge of Bali island, the huge of Mount Agung and the beauty silhouette of Mount Rinjani in Lombok. Followed by campfire – picnic breakfast. Driving back down the hill to explore, feel the harvesting sensation and direct consuming Salak fruits from the tree.

Salak Agro Countryside Cycling

This is not just a cycling activities, its more to explore the nature and culture surround using the mountain bike. Explore the largest Salak plantation, rice fields and pass through rice fields and interactions with the local community will give a different impression of adventure on the island. It will take about two until three hours of 15km length of the trek. Fresh young coconut will presented enroute.

Salak Agro Eco Trekking

Explore the largest Salak plantation in Bali island, rice field and the traditional Sibetan village. The village that still keep the good environment and develops sustainable local culture and self-help farming system based on the natural ecosystem. Approximately 2-3 hours trekking to the Salak plantation and interact with the local to visit their house with the daily activities including the traditional wine process.

Salak Agro Jeep Cooking Class

A natural traditional Balinese cooking class in the tourist village of Sibetan combined with a short jeep adventure tour visiting the largest Salak plantation and the daily lifestyle of the local people. Learned to cook at one of the local house and taste it.

With a special menu of food “Kare Salak” & “Timbungan”. Interact with the local community since the beginning of exploration, visiting the highland with the magnificent eastern valley of Bali island “Bukit Surga”. And the most interesting part when exploring the Salak plantation to explore, harvesting and taste the fresh Salak fruit from the tree.

Picking-up some fresh vegetables and young Salak tree shoots for one of the main menu of the cooking class “Salak Curry”. Salak curry is the most popular traditional local food in the village of Sibetan.



May 01, 2020

Great Tour!

Bali Jeep Agro Tour, amazing!

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