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Bali Camel Riding at Kelan Beach


Bali Camel Adventure is an exhilarating experience by enjoying camel ride on the beautiful Kelan Beach, nearby the famous seafood restaurant in Jimbaran Bay. The Journey will be accompanied by expert and experienced guides who will assure your safety and comfort.

Kelan is one of the village in the subdistrict Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia, located south of the airport Ngurah Rai and north of Kedonganan. Desa Adat Kelan has two banjars: Banjar Kelan Desa and Banjar Kelan Abian with a total of approx 350 families, most of them traditionally working as fishermen and farmers, nowadays some also in the tourism industry at the airport.

Kelan Beach is at the northern most section of Jimbaran Bay, above the fish market. The other sections of Jimbaran Bay are called Muaya Beach (in the very south) and Kedonganan Beach.

The name of the beach become popular when Paris Hilton, who often take vacations in Bali island post a photo in her Instagram that show a picture of her and her best friend in the Kelan beach. When you are visiting this beach, you can enjoy the view of the airport and also the sunset and a white sand beach.



Nov 09, 2019

Nice Camel Riding & Sunset Dinner

After Camel Riding, enjoy seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach.

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